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Ţara: Statele Unite ale Americii
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Hello! I’m Juliana and I am from Louisiana. My grandfather came to the us from Greece. I spend my time going for hikes, reading novels and poetry, listening to music, drinking tea, collecting records, and spending time with my children. I’m covered in tattoos, full sleeves and lots on my legs too. I went to yoga teacher training in 2018 and regularly practice yoga and meditation. ❤️
I’m a birth mother and placed one son for adoption. He is 11 years old and we still visit each other often with an open adoption relationship.
I have two sons that I raise as well, 7 and 14, who are homeschooled by me. We have a membership to Audubon in New Orleans where we frequent the zoo, insectarium, and aquarium. You’d often find us at the library as well. We are a very musical family and also all play video games together. I’m hoping to travel more in my life. And I’m hoping to live a long unapologetic life. I hope we can be friends and write to each other. :)

If you aren’t sure what to write, I’d love a poem or a recipe. I’d also love if you’d share your favorite song with me.

Postcard ideas I like: (just ideas, I am happy and grateful to receive any and all cards)

-Sailboats, nautical themed, anchors
-Benches(especially benches in an odd place or by themselves in a field…
Love this), staircases, or cool doors
-Gnomes, mystical creatures
-Funky shaped cards
-Weird or silly or humorous cards
-Feminist, social justice
-Swedish or Wooden horses/dalahast
-Greek (especially from Nafplion, where my family is from)
-Romanian (especially from SATU MARE, my best friend lives there)
-Tom & Jerry

I’m ok with homemade cards or envelopes.
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